All those Adho Muhkas

Be warned… 200 hour yoga teacher training is only the start. The physical and psychological (to some extent spiritual) transformation is gradual but intense at the same time. In the studios, you have developed a deep relationship with your peers before you even realize it – you can tell their breath pattern, the habitual way of the allocation of weight when standing, are they tuckers or tilters, or who have tight hips but maybe super flexible hamstrings  (yes those are different things)…; Outside of the studios, while waiting for subways, without noticing it, you start to place your hands on your pelvis to adjust the tilt and then on the sacrum to lengthen the tailbone, and if the train is still not there yet, you continue to investigate the rotation of the legs and the weight on the arches of feet, and the connection of all those with your breathing at the very moment… That’s just a taste of how significant that transformation is…

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